Using Inexpensive Products for RV Awning Covers

I have read lots of forums and RV Blogs ( where people have tried to use different inexpensive items to cover their RV awnings. I can understand trying to save a buck, but that is why I came up with the Awning Pro-Tech cover. I was one of those people trying to find something to protect my awning fabric from the sun and weather. I called everywhere I could, searched the internet and couldnt find any product to do the job. I tried to cut some PVC piping from Home Depot down the length of pipe to try and cover my awning with that, Wow! that was not only dangerous, but I was not able to make that work. I know that even if I had been able to cut it and get it on my awning, I would have had to figure a way to hold it on there, and then there is the fact that PVC will get distorted and turn brown in no time from the sun, espeacilly here in Phoenix. I have also read of people using PVC gutters, but really? How do you hold gutter on there with straps or bungy cords? Then you have the same issue with distortion and browning.

I dont know about you, but I try to take care of my RV as I do all of the things I have invested big money into. I was not willing to settle for PVC pipe or a gutter. I set out to make an attractive cover that would be simple to install, last a lifetime (due to the proprietary blend of Polymers I was able to discover), and would be affordable. If you consider the cost of most items for RV’s, but specifically replacement fabric for your awnings, a $115 or less for our covers that will last a lifetime, is a great bargain. I realize there will always be those who will be content with a home grown cover and that is perfectly fine. for the rest of us, there is Awning Pro-Tech. Protect your investment buy purchasing yours today!

What shape is your RV awning fabric?

I have a 32′, 2008 Thor Tahoe Toy Hauler. I purchased it brand new. The fabric on my 20′ Patio awning only lasted about 2 years before it started to delaminate (peel) from the exposure to the sun and elements here in Phoenix. Luckily, my fabric was under warranty.

My question to all of you fellow RV’ers is: How long did your fabric last before you had to replace it? How much did it cost you to replace it? 

Dont let this costly damage happen to you

Change in Diesel Gas Prices

I remember when I bought my Chevy Silverado Classic, 2500 HD, 4 door, long bed, 4WD in June of 2007. This was right before they changed the body style and took 45 horse power from the motor due to EPA. I bought the truck in order to pull my new RV at the time. I had bought a 32’, 2008 Thor Tahoe, Toy Hauler. At that time diesel ($2.81 per gl.) was cheaper than gas ($3.15 per gl.). As you can see from the photo above, I just paid $3.35 a gallon for Diesel on 6/11/12. This is the first time since approximately September of 2007 that Diesel has been cheaper than gas.

What are you paying in your neck of the woods?