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RV Slide-out Room Awning Cover Kit


Protect your awning fabric from the damaging effects of the sun and weather with Awning Pro-Tech. Awning Pro-Tech covers are patented, and the only covers of this design on the market. They are simple to install, just snaps on.

“includes travel clips!”

SKU: S-06
Choos a size option
6' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-06) $39.99
7' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-07) $44.99
8' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-08) $49.99
9' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-09) $54.99
10' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-10) $59.99
12' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-12) $69.99
14' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-14) $79.99
16' Slide-Out Cover Kit S-16 $89.99
18' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-18) $99.99
20' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-20) $109.99
24' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-24) $129.99
28' Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-28) $149.99

Product Description

Protect your awning fabric from the damaging effects of the sun and weather with Awning Pro-Tech. Awning Pro-Tech covers are the only covers of this design on the market.

NOTE: Some early models may have the fabric connection higher than the fabric tube, which makes a sloped or angled amount of fabric that may not be covered by our product. Please check your Slide-out or Window awning fabric connection to see if this may be your circumstance. If it is, before purchasing, please contact us for further info.

  • Please read Q&A page before ordering
  • Will accommodate all late model RV Slide-out awnings including electric, as long as the diameter of the rolled up awning including fabric is between  2.25″ to 2.8″ diameter
  • Made with a UV resistant Polymer that will never get brittle and will not discolor
  • Cover pieces come in either 3′ foot 2″ inches or 4’ foot 2″ inches lengths. Between these two combinations of lengths, we can fit any length slide-out awning
  • Greatly extends the life of your fabric awning
  • Stain resistant/easy to clean
  • UV resistant/weather protected cover for fabric awnings
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Flexible enough for easy installation in minutes, just snaps on, but durable enough to last indefinitely *Five-Year Warranty* *60-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • Awning can be extended with product in place for ease of removal.  NOTE: Awning can not be retracted with cover attached, you must secure the awning in the stowed position and then install awning cover pieces.
  •  Note: You can NOT use a full pull-over RV cover in conjunction with our covers. Please click this “link” and read “Pull-over RV cover”

Product Specs:

  •  Model # S-03 Diameter: 2.6” inches (6.6 cm) Length: 3’ foot 2” inches Net weight: 8.2 ounces (.232 kg)
  • Model # S-04 Diameter: 2.6” inches (6.6 cm) Length: 4’ foot 2” inches Net weight: 11.8 ounces (.334 kg)

Please measure your Slide-out awning before ordering. You want to measure the entire length of your Slide-out fabric and tube. Then select the appropriate size from the menu. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are about to purchase a “Slide-out Cover” (this product will not fit your large shade awning – see Patio Awning Cover).  Please make sure this is the product you want.

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Slide-out Room Cover Sizes

6′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-06) $39.99, 7′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-07) $44.99, 8′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-08) $49.99, 9′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-09) $54.99, 10′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-10) $59.99, 12′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-12) $69.99, 14′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-14) $79.99, 16′ Slide-Out Cover Kit S-16 $89.99, 18′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-18) $99.99, 20′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-20) $109.99, 24′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-24) $129.99, 28′ Slide-Out Cover Kit (S-28) $149.99


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